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Cat Products

Many of the ads below are affiliate or referral links. If you choose to purchase that product or service via the display ads below, I will get a small referral commission. This is at no extra cost to you (but it does help to keep Littley in cat-food!) 

I just think that sureflap is great - you can read my post about it. 

Got a Cat - Get a Cat Flap!

Sturdi Products Cat Showcage

Soft collapsible construction - In the case of an accident, the cat would be protected by the soft sides of the shelter - like an air bag. With rigid cages, the cat could suffer injury by being thrown against metal or steel bars - I personally would never buy a rigid metal cage to travel my cat in. In the case of severe impact, he would risk a 'waffle' type injury, or really serious damage in a high speed impact. Note that this is a show shelter and when carried with a cat inside, will 'bag-down' like a soft carrier bag. But it folds into it's own travelling shoulder-bag when not in use and has a second smaller entrance and a wallet-type compartment for med's or notes. Care must be used when sighting the shelter in the car, as my model at least does not have designed seat belt connectors...I personally use my passenger seat belt passed through the top carry handle, plus a 'bungee elastic' to also secure it to the passenger head-rest. The latter helps to tilt the shelter back, to give me an unobstructed view of my side-mirror. 

If your in the US, stocks them, but doesn't
However, Brit's need not despair - check out this website and you'll be able to order one : 
For UK customers
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