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Baby Animals - Yoko and Murphy...

A big twee flower this week to Yoko from Kanagawa and her dog "Murphy" who has just give birth to three puppies - One of the great things about the Internet is that people who would never normally meet, can contact.
 I've known Yoko for about four years now and we have kept up contact via message boards and blogs.
Yoko has a blog - it's all in Japanese, so you'll have to go there armed with a translation tool - something from Applied Language or Babel Fish - but if your an animal lover (especially of miniature poodles) it's worth the visit.

Yoko writes:

AM 9:00 ~AM 10:00

Three puppies were born.
Three puppies went along the birth canal safely 
and were created through a big first cry.
womb 3  born 3
The perfect pregnancy.
Perfect delivery.
Perfect child care.
A mother dog and the puppy are completely healthy.
The puppy drinks mother's milk and is brought up.
The process to the delivery of the poodle was  difficult.
 I'm tired

(Animal lovers are the same the world over)

I've always liked small animals and have had a succession of Hamsters since the '60's, and some of the illustrations I've found, just make me go "Aaaaaaah" (but then I'm really Twee!)
Baby animals look very similar to human ones. They all just have a brand-new look about them

Apart from Yoko's pic' of Murphy and the Puppies, go to  if you really want to dote on pictures of little creatures, go there - It's agreat site!

   All together then....."Aaaaaaaaaah!"

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Anonymous said... 28 April 2009 at 08:17

I Love Baby animals.WAJIHA SHAHAB

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