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Angel Parking......Try it!

The weather is getting very rainy and blustery, so as I arrived at the multi- storey car park, I asked my guardian spirit to help me find a space. Now I have found that this works more often than not.....but this time two interesting things happened.
I did ask rather late - I was actually driving up the raised drive-in ask I made my request, but sure enough, as I hit the first parking level, I heard the sound of a car starting up - so I stopped a little past to let the car out of the parking space.
As the exiting car passed by me, it stopped and a smiling woman called across from the driving seat "Do you want my ticket? - It's valid for the rest of the day!"
I was really pleased and told her so, mentally thanking my guardian angel at the same time.....EXCEPT...
...Creeping into "my" parking space - and being very careful to avert his eyes - came a driver-thief. My parking space had gone!
For once, because I'm usually hot-tempered and tend to have a go at unfairness, I decided to let the smile stay on my face as I drove to the next level - and there was another space in a normally log-jammed car-park.
Try it sometime - but give your angel more notice than I did today. As you set off to your destination, visualise your parking space being available - really "see" it. More often than not, you'll end up smiling like me.
Don't forget that your request has been answered and therefore thank your angel. Also - like the woman driver who gave me her ticket - do someone else a favour - Let the good ripples continue widening.
BY THE WAY... I looked up the Aberdeen Ghost of the last post and found the link below. Perhaps "Jake" (better than calling him an "it" was resting his hand on my head, as a way of telling me who he was...
FINALLY - I cannot think of any excuse to put up another picture of Molly Malone (see earlier post), other than the fact that the last one was rather small. I hope this provides some compensation.
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Starfire said... 3 July 2008 at 23:29

*soft smile* - I totally know the whole 'spiritual parking' thing... I came across the concept of a goddess of parking spots (called Squat, believe it or not) back when I was first exploring spirituality, in a humourous book of modern-life deities whose title I've long forgotten.

Squat resonated for me though, and now every time I'm going somewhere where I figure I'll need a wee bit of help finding a space, I make the official incantation (which started, in the book as "Squat, Squat, find me a parking spot", but I decided that just sounded rude, and I wanted to make it a little more definitive than that, so it became "Squat, Squat, please find me a convenient parking spot - thank you!"

I've also come to discover that she doesn't just look after parking spots for me - I seem to be able to invoke her for anything to do with driving (e.g. unusually long-lasting red lights, or opening up gaps in traffic when I need to turn into a busy road)

I know it's not quite "Angel Parking" - but it seemed close enough that I figured I had to comment and mention it.



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