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Climate change is now back in the news - there are impassioned voices on both sides of the argument - but now comes the thought (accusation?) that "The Government" is taking charge of the weather (I'm sure they would have beaten King Canute at his own game).
Whatever...just take a look at the picture above. I took it near my 'digs' last week in Cardiff. If you want to find it, ask directions to Bute Park and then have a good walk. Lots of joggers about.

I said "whatever" because the sad thing is that it will take legislation to stop people breaking the "Ecology Limit". (they still will - oh yes - watering the garden at midnight for one thing. In short doing the best they can to get away with AS MUCH as they can, under the cover of a caring exterior.

I walked into the New Theatre every day through the park for about a mile and a half and each day the weather was different. Wednesday was misty and soggy - my favourite Autumn weather actually. It's kinda mysterious and sad. But poetic (aah)
Each day though I just felt that this was a place where the earth could breath. Rather like taking your socks off, halfway through the night when your feet are over-hot because you went to bed in them.
Am I the only one who does that?
Being in the Theatre for most of my life, has involved me working and living in large towns and seriously it was a case of over-hot feet one morning around 4am, that made me think about all that earth lying under all that concrete. All over the world. Well...over the ruling countries at any event.
I went back to look at my first home with my parents earlier this year and found that I would be sleeping on the second floor of an enormous BHS car park that covered the area, not only of the house, but also the wooded grounds that lay around it and a wonderful little alley I used to play along called Paradise Lane. I wrote a little thing about a dream I had about the lane - it's two pages long by the way. I think that people think they've come to the end at the bottom of the first page...
We as a species are in my mind rather like a swarm of mosquitoes that land and suck the juice from the fruit. James Lovelock is not over concerned in the long term - Gaia will recover - but in the short term - Global Warming or not, - we will strip all the minerals from this planet; we will pollute it with waste and suffocate it under an ever widening clingfilm of concrete.
What is needed is the recognition that God is not "up there" or "down there" but that he is all around and thru - in fact just The All. My mother used to say that she saw more God in the trees and fields around the city of Durham than in a church. There is something of the truth in there. A really great driver would always drive at the ideal safe speed for the road and traffic conditions, even if there were no speed limit signs around.
The point I'm trying to make is that people have got to collectively live for the Earth, love it and see it's Spirituality (I'm starting to sound a bit preacher'ish now, but I mean it). In the same way, all the other idiots on the road (apart from me!) have got to start to learn to give and take a bit more and understand the reasons for the speed limits. As it stands, breaking the speed limit is a national sport in the UK.
To spell it out simply: If people reallty loved and cared for the environment, they wouldn't need legislation to make them go easy on the planet and also give a bit back....oh well, on with the legislation. Maybe the appreciation of Nature increases with ageing. And some of us grow older quicker than others.

At the same time, perhaps we would be more inclined to be fair, if we thought that our leaders
were also being fair with us...
On Tuesday I finally got around to going into the local post-office (why are they always crowded?) to pay for my road tax disc. I dropped the car in the car park nearby and found that I didn't have the exact change for one hour's worth - one hour cost 30p - naturally I didn't have a twenty pence piece and a 10p, or even three 10p pieces - but I did have a 50p piece....
....but machine didn't give change.
I hope that all the local councils who pull this stunt or turn a blind eye to it, will have a change of heart and donate all the extra profits to charity; thirty pence seems almost 50p, but is actually only a wee 5p above 50% profit each time a punter hasn't the correct change.
all photos soulMerlin
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FLOOG said... 30 March 2008 at 07:05

Excellent post, and some wonderful observations. I like the photographs very much.

The main one is absolutely superb.

soulMerlin said... 30 March 2008 at 21:01

thanks Floog - looking at your blog sidebar, I share your feelings on respect for copyright (and Tamera). One thing that worries me...and I'm putting it here and not on a discussion board as I may be naive and I don't want to start a riot (yet)...StumbleUpon, Digg,and Zimbeo
all use a form of Creative Commons, in which they have a right to the content of any work they I've pulled out of their organisations (with regret)...any thoughts?


FLOOG said... 30 March 2008 at 21:54

I'm personally pretty laid back about the copyright issue.

I use photo's from the net which I have no permission for, and I guess that mine will be used and abused from time to time once they are published on the big wide web.

I don't make money from my blog, nor use other people's photo's to make money either, so I'm not too worried. I'd happily remove any photo that upset the originator anyway. If anyone deemed one of my photo's worthy of using elsewhere, I'd actually feel quite flattered.

Writing wise too I'm relaxed. Again, I'm in it for the pleasure rather than money, so I try to just enjoy the process and not worry about anyone using my words (not that mine are worthy of being used!).

I think it's only a problem if you take blogging to the monetary level, then someone stealing your words could cause isues.

Others will no doubt have differing opinions to mine, but I'm happy writing for pleasure, sharing my words and photos and meeting such a diverse array of creative and talented people along the way.

Lady T was right about your site, it's a great read.

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